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    Gugudan (Hangul: 구구단), also stylized as gu9udan[1] or gx9, is a South Korean girl group formed in 2016 by Jellyfish Entertainment. They debuted on June 28, 2016, with the mini-album Act. 1 The Little Mermaid and its title track "Wonderland".[2][3] The group consists of nine members: Mimi, Hana, Haebin, Nayoung, Sejeong, Sally, Soyee, Mina and Hyeyeon.

    Contents 1 History 1.1 Pre-debut 1.2 2016: Debut with Act. 1 The Little Mermaid 1.3 2017: Act. 2 Narcissus and Act. 3 Chococo Factory 1.4 2018–present: Act. 4 Cait Sith 2 Members 3 Subunit 3.1 Gugudan 5959 3.2 Gugudan SEMINA 4 Discography 4.1 Extended plays 4.2 Single albums 5 Filmography 5.1 Television 6 Awards and nominations 6.1 Asia Artist Awards 6.2 Gaon Chart Music Awards 6.3 Golden Disc Awards 6.4 Mnet Asian Music Awards 6.5 Seoul Music Awards 6.6 Soribada Best K-Music Awards 6.7 Other awards 7 References 8 External links History Pre-debut

    In January 2016, Nayoung, Sejeong and Mina were introduced as Jellyfish Entertainment's first female trainees on the Mnet survival show Produce 101, where 101 female trainees from various companies competed to debut in an 11-member girl group that would promote for a year under YMC Entertainment.[4] After placing 2nd and 9th respectively in the final episode, Sejeong and Mina eventually debuted as members of I.O.I in May 2016.

    2016: Debut with Act. 1 The Little Mermaid Gugudan on stage, on 04 September, 2016.

    Despite denying earlier reports about Sejeong and Mina debuting in a 3-member girl group in June, Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed on June 7 that the two I.O.I members would debut within the month in what would be the company's first girl group.[5][6] Because of YMC Entertainment's special terms in which I.O.I's members are allowed to do activities under their respective companies while I.O.I was on break or while the group promoted in sub-units, there were no complications with the plan.[7]

    Nayoung was also confirmed as a member on June 10[8] and on June 13, Jellyfish Entertainment revealed that Gugudan would be a 9-member group.[9] On June 17, Jellyfish Entertainment announced the group name.[10]

    On June 22, the group confirmed that they were going for a "mermaid" concept.[11] Following the announcement, a highlight medley of the group's debut mini-album was released on June 24 and[12] they eventually debuted, on June 28, 2016, with the mini-album, Act. 1 The Little Mermaid, with "Wonderland" as the title song.[2][3] Their debut showcase was held at the Yes24 Live Hall on the same day as the album's release.[13]

    Gugudan participated in Jellyfish Entertainment's yearly winter project, Jelly Christmas 2016, with their label mates Seo In-guk, VIXX, Park Yoon-ha, Park Jung-ah, Kim Gyu-sun, Kim Ye-won and Jiyul. The title track, "Falling" (니가 내려와) was released digitally on December 13, 2016.[14][15][16][17][18]

    On December 17, 2016, Gugudan announced their official fan-club name, "Dear Friend" (단짝), through their V app channel. The fan-club name means that the fans and Gugudan are going to be best friends.[19]

    2017: Act. 2 Narcissus and Act. 3 Chococo Factory

    In early February 2017, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that Gugudan would make their first comeback since the debut of their second mini album.[20] The mini album, named Act. 2 Narcissus with its title track "A Girl Like Me", was released on 27 February.[21]

    On November 8, the group returned with a single album, Act. 3 Chococo Factory, featuring the title track "Chococo".[22] Prior to the release, it was announced that Soyee will go on hiatus in order to fully recover from a shoulder injury that she had since prior to her debut.[23]

    2018–present: Act. 4 Cait Sith The group on March 11, 2018.

    On February 1, the group second single album titled Act. 4 Cait Sith featuring title track "The Boots" was released.[24]

    On May 17, it was announced that youngest member Hyeyeon will go on a temporary hiatus from all the group activities due to health issues.[25]

    Members Mimi (Hangul: 미미) — Vocalist Hana (하나) — Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual[26] Haebin (해빈) — Main Vocalist Nayoung (나영) — Lead Vocalist Sejeong (세정) — Main Vocalist, Face of the Group Sally (샐리) — Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist Soyee (소이) — Lead Vocalist Mina (미나) — Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist Hyeyeon (혜연) — Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae Subunit Gugudan 5959

    In July 2017, Jellyfish Entertainment formed the first subunit of Gugudan composed of two youngest members: Mina and Hyeyeon[27] named 5959 (spelled as Ogu-ogu).[28]The "5959" name, is made up of their represented number in Gugudan: Hyeyeon represents the number 5 and Mina represents the number 9. 5959 released their debut single "Ice Chu" on August 10, 2017.[29][30]

    Gugudan SEMINA

    In June 2018, Jellyfish Entertainment formed the second subunit of Gugudan composed of the three members: Sejeong, Mina and Nayoung[31]named SEMINA.[32] The "SEMINA" name, is made up of the first syllables of Sejeong, Mina and Nayoung. SEMINA debuted with the release of their self-titled single album on July 10, 2018.[33][34]

    Discography Main article: Gugudan discography Extended plays Act. 1 The Little Mermaid (2016) Act. 2 Narcissus (2017) Single albums Act. 3 Chococo Factory (2017) Act. 4 Cait Sith (2018) Filmography Television Gugudan Project - Extreme School Trip (MBC Music; 2016) Awards and nominations This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (June 2017) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)