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    • Ritual Aesthetic

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    Ritual Aesthetic

    Ritual Aesthetic is an American industrial band founded in 2013 based in Denver, Colorado, United States.

    Contents 1 History 2 Discography 3 Members 4 References History

    Ritual Aesthetic began in 2013 as the solo project of Sean Von Helvete who was then drumming for Metropolis Records industrial horror outfit Dawn Of Ashes.[1] The band's original style consisted of genre-blending compositions similar to that of artists like Skinny Puppy. The resulting sound was a unique blend of melodic dance rhythms, harsh metal guitar, aggressive EBM styled vocals and dark experimental noise atmospheres.

    In early 2013, individual singles were uploaded to the band's various social media pages. Met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from online listeners, the band signed with UK industrial label Juggernaut Services and on April 18, 2014 released its subsequent first full length Decollect .[2][3] The album featured brand new compositions, re-workings of original singles as well as remixes by Ad Noiseam artist Iszoloscope. Decollect was mixed by Los Angeles-based heavy metal producer Alex Crescioni[4] and mastered by the German producer Sander Kapper[5]

    Ritual Aesthetic has been praised with critical acclaim, drawing comparisons to Wumpscut, Combichrist and Ministry.[6] Critics praised Ritual Aesthetic's unique and heavy musical compositions as well as praising its catchy pop structured lyrical hooks. Critics referred to its debut album as sounding as if it came from "the 1995 heyday of the genre". Decollect was ranked #14 on Discogs Best Industrial Albums of 2014 category, as well as #7 in its Best Alternative Electronic Albums of 2014 list.[7][8][9]

    Ritual Aesthetic has since appeared on the Vortex Filth compilation album, alongside Combichrist and Alien Vampires featuring the song "Something To Know You By".[10]

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    Title   :   Your Soul
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